1. Emper Qin's Terra-cotta Museum—The Biggest On-site Museum in China

2. Emperor QinShihuang—The First Emperor in Chinese History

3. How Was Emperor QinShihuang's Mausoleum Constructed?

4. Emperor Qin's Mausoleum and The Satellite Pits and Tombs

 1) Pit of Rare Birds and Animals

 2) Stable Pits

 3) Tombs of Emperor Qin's Children

 4) Mass Graves

 5) Pit of Two Sets of Bronze Chariots and Horses

 6) The newly unearthed pit-Stone Armor and Horses

 7) The newly unearthed pit—Terra-cotta Acrobats and A Bronze Tripod

 8) The newly unearthed pit—Civil officials

5. The Discovery and Excavation of Qin's Terra-cotta Army

6. The Terra-cotta Figures' Construction

7. The Colorful Uniform of Qin Terra-cotta Figures

8. The Unique Weapons in the Terra-cotta Pits

9. The Restoration of Terra-cotta Figures and The Preservation of  Colored Warriors